Healy Bearings International Ltd

Healy wire race bearings have many advantages over conventional bearings, these are:

- slim section housings with no reduction in the load-bearing capacity

- consistent rotational torque through large temperature range

-  Small cross section enables location directly beneath the applied load, ensuring rigidity and minimum deflection.

-  Centres of machines can be kept open and eliminates the necessity for heavy centre post designs.

- good weight savings over conventional bearings

-  Simplifies the passage of co-axial drives or contact and electrical / fluid supplies through the centre of rotating machinery.

-  The small volume occupied by the bearing ensures that it is easy to enclose, to retain lubricant and to keep air contaminates.  A range of seals are available if required.

-  Bearing will normally outlast the equipment in which it is installed and require little maintenance.

-  In most cases a single bearing can be used where conventional practice would demand at least two separate bearings.  For special applications, an alternative double wire race system is available which still only uses one set of wires and one adjustment.

-  High running accuracy with low friction and starting torque.

-  Complete design flexibility, high performance and cost savings from shorter assembly times and reduced housing material costs.

- Precision for large diameter bearings.